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AS DREAMERS DO is a film for families to enjoy, but with an art house twist. The movie features scenes that will visually evoke the beauty and creativity of Walt’s mind. “This movie is a passion project for me. Since before I went to in film school I dreamed of telling a story like this,” said Director Logan Sekulow. “Walt has been a lifelong inspiration, and I hope to share this often-untold adventure in a unique, creative and entertaining way. I’m a hardcore Walt fan, and we will not disappoint.”


Though Walt's reality was often dark, it was skewed by his ever growing imagination and eternal optimism.




Logan Sekulow- Director, Producer

Wendy Ott - Writer

William Haynes - Producer

Aaron Hodges - Production Manager

Jonathan Schneck & Dillon Spears - Score Composers

Matt Giesler - Director of Photography

Ryan Dunlap - Assistant Director

J.T. McCreery - Camera Operator

Lisa Proctor - Makeup Department Head

DeLaney Henry - Makeup Artist

Mark Gullickson - Sound

Lee Kebler - Sound Mixer

Allison Spears - Wardrobe supervisor

Sam Siske - 2nd AD / Camera Operator

Grant Ivie - Behind the Scenes Camera / Production Assistant 

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