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“So Friday is family night in our house and this week we spent it with As Dreamers Do! Amazing job!It reduced my 10 year old to tears, and anything that can bring out emotion in a child is a hit in my book.”

 - Jay, UK

“As Dreamers Do is such a sweet, heart-wrenching, inspiring movie. You can tell that every single person who worked on this film put their whole, entire heart into it…You will laugh, and you'll probably even shed a few tears.”

- Jordan, Florida


“Saw the film last night, beautifully filmed, nice direction. A work of art, I can't stop singing the opening and closing songs.”

- Mark, UK


“I'm currently an intern with the Disney College Program in Florida, and just finished up my Exploration of Disney Heritage seminar… It was wonderful to see all that history come to life within this film! Olan did a fantastic job of capturing the dreamer's essence of Walt, and the emotion that he went through throughout his journey. Definitely looking forward to sharing it with my fellow interns, leaders, family and friends!” 

- Gabrielle, Florida


“One of the most amazing films I have ever seen! Was in tears in some parts of this movie! Thank you to all the team who created this marvelous movie!”

- Steven, UK


What People Are Saying...

“This movie has inspired me beyond the works of any other artist to date… This is a work of art that will be remembered for as long people still believe in magic. If I didn't believe in magic, I certainly do now. A masterpiece all the way around”

- Gus, Tennessee

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more inspired or ready to press through all of my doubts and hardships and stress and everything above and in between. I’ve never been more inspired by a film that was simply made to remind me to never give up.”

- Kyra, Washington


“I thought my expectations were too high to enjoy this movie, but it exceeded everything I could have thought about this film. I mean, wow.”

- Adam, Utah


“I'm looking forward to watching it through with my kids and letting them make some connections between his youth and what they know and love as Disney so that, perhaps, their own sense of imagination, and the importance of dreams, can be reinforced.”

- Mark, North Carolina


“You told us to "expect magic" & you really delivered! Olan Rogers was superb, as were the other members of the cast. Now the narration . . . you couldn't have chosen anyone more perfect than Travis Tritt! That wonderful warm voice with the southern inflections was perfect! I loved listening to him weave the story as the movie went along. Bravo, A+.”

- Joyce


“This film inspired me more than ever to do as dreamers do, never give up on my dreams, never quit. It was truly magical”

- Brittany, Oregon

“I have read several biographies and knew the Walt Disney story but seeing it adds much to the story for me...  The accuracy of this story is better than most of the "based on a true story" or biographical movies you will see.” 

- Stan, MO


“This film is a work of art. Thank you so much for all the love and work you put into it, it clearly shows. I know in my heart, that Walt is proud.”

- Foster


“Minds have been blown. thank you so much for making this movie, everybody was amazing in it... it was just amazing, I don’t even know what more to say”

- Jenna


“I am not ashamed to say I cried like a baby, laughed like crazy, and was awestruck by the beautiful work you all did!”

- Katie, Florida


“I know that this film will help inspire others who may feel they've hit hard times to never give up hope and to keep on overcoming the obstacles they face.” 

- Robbie, Utah

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